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HMRC Offices in Central London
HMRC has announced plans for the closure of a number of its central London offices by April 2008.
Six sites will in future house the majority of HMRC’s operations in central London. Initial proposals to retain 100 Parliament Street, Euston Tower, Bush House and 22 Kingsway have been confirmed, while Custom House and its Annexe are also to be retained, given the complexity of replicating their functions and existing facilities elsewhere at this time. Specialist sites, including all four central London Enquiry Centres, will be kept, as will HMRC’s presence at the Eurostar Terminal, due to move to Kings Cross St Pancras in November 2007.
Buildings to be vacated by April 2008 are Belgrave Road, Haymarket House, New King's Beam House, Thomas Paine House, Towergate and Garage, with staff likely to move before then. Work to increase the capacity of "importing" buildings – starting with Euston Tower – has already begun.
Feasibility work is continuing on three buildings: Somerset House, Dorset House and Charles House.
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