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Tax pool calculator introduction

The tax pool keeps a record of Income Tax paid by trustees of a discretionary trust (including any unused amounts carried over from earlier tax years). You can use this calculator to work out a discretionary trustís available tax pool or (if entering estimates for the year) to work out its likely value by the end of the year.

When you canít use the calculator

Please note that you canít use the calculator for:
  • discretionary trusts with deemed, trade or foreign income

  • discretionary trusts that are settlor-interested trusts 

  • any non-discretionary trusts 

  • any settlor-interested element of a discretionary trust 

  • cases where vulnerable beneficiary relief has been claimed 

  • tax years earlier than 2008-09

Using the calculator: in-year

Use the calculator in-year to help you:
  • plan beneficiary payments 

  • complete a trust return when an in-year cessation takes place

Using the calculator: end-of-year

Use the calculator at the end of the tax year to help you:
  • complete your Trust and Estate Tax Return

  • understand the tax pool entry on your tax statement
The tax pool calculator is for guidance purposes only and the figures will still need to be entered on the Trust and Estate Tax Return.
If you need more information on tax pools generally, follow the link below.
Read more about tax pools
Go to the tax pool calculator

16 June 2009
Source: HMRC Ė Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use License.
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